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science background
A unique combination of experience
across the healthcare sector

With a deep understanding of your industry,
you get high-level expertise and counsel focused on your big-picture business goals.

Served as outside general counsel for late stage clinical development life sciences company, including participating in exit strategy discussions

Advised executives on licensing, co-development and co-promote deal structures, including drafting and negotiating term sheets, LOIs and agreements

Supported operations team on supply chain and clinical trial infrastructure

Counseled executives and their teams on marketing and sales strategies for branded products for 10+ years, including participating in MLR committees

Supported CMOs, development and medical affairs teams on clinical trial operations and scientific communications

Advised executives on development of right-sized compliance programs to meet OIG requirements and industry best practices

Focused mostly on oncology product development and commercialization, secondarily other serious chronic diseases, such as in neurology

Provided strategic advice on risk mitigation strategies, tailoring advice to client’s risk tolerance

science lab

Denise Chen Lai
Marketing Director

Amgen logo

Worked with Julie

when Denise was at Genentech

“ Julie partnered closely with our team to launch an entirely new first-time program for our multinational biopharma company. For at least a few years, we had previously run into barriers launching this type of program given historic compliance guardrails, an evolving legal landscape and conservative legal interpretation, concerns about risk to the broader portfolio, etc. Julie helped to navigate all these considerations and partnered to identify a path forward.


She never approached conversations looking for a no, which would have been an easier route given the steep hill we needed to climb. Thanks to Julie, we were able to truly challenge the way things have always been done and pilot a new program aligned to business and patient goals, that challenged our organization to think differently.”

Pipetting Samples

Vijay S.
Co-founder and CEO

Stealth stage biotech startup logo

Stealth Stage Biotech Startup

Worked with Julie

when Vijay was at
Adamas Pharmaceuticals

“ The commercial team in collaboration with Medical Affairs was creating the first ever value dossier for their lead product. This was a highly complex project involving the generation, interpretation and communication of data in accordance with international standards. Naturally, the project and its deliverables came with significant legal and regulatory considerations that needed to be navigated in a thoughtful and compliant manner.


Julie assumed a central leadership role in the review committee and was instrumental in the success of this project. She communicated freely with all levels of leadership to make them aware of the lapses in the originally submitted materials, requested multiple educational sessions with medical and health economic experts to help the review committee understand the methodology and results, and led the discussions for the approval of the resources for use.


All throughout the contentious process, Julie remained calm collaborative and solution oriented with an unwavering focus on business needs and deadlines. Due to her strong collaboration and leadership skills, the market access team was able to get the resources approved for review with several major payer teams."

Led initiative to transition large integrated health system’s major payor agreements to global risk, including development of best practices document based on understanding business’s operational and revenue priorities

Supported dialysis provider’s payor contracting team in drafting and negotiating FFS agreements that maximized operational efficiency and value of business

Advised medical groups on payor and network contracting strategies, including training contracting personnel on best practices and negotiation strategies

Demonstrated acumen to understand complex business structures, informing legal and business counsel

Experience drafting and negotiating a variety of business contracts that meet client expectations for term structure

Developed contract strategy for medical groups, IPAs and PHOs, and negotiated payor agreements with a variety of compensation models - FFS, shared risk, full risk and global risk

Assisted healthcare providers in developing best practices for revenue contracting that maximize operational efficiency and financial stability

​Supported pharmacy department at covered entity in operationalizing drug purchasing and billing drug products compliant with 340B program rules

science background

Routinely commended by clients for
creative problem solving
educational counsel
efficient and precise communication


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